At San Angel Mole we pride ourselves on producing authentic Mexican sauces. Our goal is to capture the essence of Mexican culinary traditions and make it accessible in your home. Always mindful of tradition, our sauces are hand crafted in small batches using only the finest all-natural ingredients.

The genre of Mexican sauces we know as mole is derived from the indigenous Nahuatl word "molli", meaning mixture or concoction. It's roots are precolonial but its modern history is often traced back to the 1680's and the nuns of the Santa Rosa convent in Puebla, Mexico. Legend has it that they were to prepare a meal for the visiting archbishop and using traditional-native and new-world ingredients they created an unforgettable meal.

An intimidating list of ingredients and the numerous steps needed to prepare a traditional mole has meant that this extraordinary dish is often reserved for life's special occasions.

San Angel Mole was founded by Tim and Florence Guerrero McCarthy. Tim spent several years at such notable Los Angeles restaurants as Patina, Lucques and Alex and is a graduate of the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. While working in L.A.'s most respected kitchens he was intrigued by the wealth of ethnic ingredients available in the heart of the city. Inspired by the multiple influences of working in high-end Cal-French kitchens and his exposure to the rich Mexican culinary traditions of his wife's family Tim has created a line of authentic regional Mexican sauces.
Mexican cuisine is much more than fast food and we at San Angel Mole hope you will share in our cultural dining experience.

Nuestra Inspiración

On every label of San Angel Mole you will find this special dedication to Florence's great aunts:

"en honor de Josie y Nina – nuestra inspiración"

"In honor of Josie and Nina – our inspiration"

Nina (Emily) provided constant encouragement in the kitchen and Josie (Josephene) shared her closely guarded kitchen secrets. Both women have passed away but are remembered in life's special occasions and the careful preparation of San Angel Mole.

The female figure in the background is our tribute to a time-honored Mexican culinary heritage and keeps us always mindful of tradition.